The Celebrant Hustle Complete Series - The Hustle Handbook

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The Celebrant Hustle Complete Series - The Hustle Handbook
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Create or refresh the celebrant business you have always wanted!

This E-Book provides seven simple, step-by-step chapters that help you develop (or spring clean) your entire celebrancy business, from the very basics of starting up all the way through to ensuring you deliver a kick-ass service to your booked clients.

This course is jam packed with useful information to build business success and is perfect for all celebrants, both new and experienced!

For new celebrants, the series will provide you with fun, achievable bite-sized tasks that will result in a fully-fledged business set up, ripe to catch you the perfect clients.  

For experienced celebrants, this course is perfect as a refresher or for anyone wanting to revisit their processes and refresh their brand.

Join the Hustle Revolution now and let Anthony help you build a solid gold celebrancy business!


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Included in this pack is:

Step One - Business Basics

Step Two - Create Your Unique Brand

Step Three - Build a Killer Website

Step Four - Marketing Essentials

Step Five - Set Your Perfect Price

Step Six - Winning The Work

Step Seven - Providing an Ace Service