Monty King Celebrations
Phone: 0401446887
Address: Newcastle, 2300
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Always open. Kind of. Ring me and find out.
Actually don't. It's the 21st century. Email or message.
Or call. I'm easy. 

The part where he talks about himself.


This is the bit where I convince you that I'm the celebrant for you.


I'm a fairly recently married, father of 2. I like stuff. I'm a bit of a loud mouth. I think I'm funny and people I've bought drinks for seem to like me.


Over the years I'd been to too many weddings and thought, 


"I'm pretty sure I could do better than this". 


There was just a lot of same old, same old.

"Surely", I thought, "Surely there are cool couples out there that don't want this boring cut 'n' paste routine."

And I noticed there weren't too many guys my age out there,  'celebranting'.


And so I became a celebrant.

And it turns out there are some super-cool couples out there looking for a young(ish), modern celebrant.


So if you're looking for a fun, relaxed, modern celebrant I could be your guy!

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