Alison Saunders Celebrant
Phone: 0414 623 932
Address: Port Melbourne, 3207
Opening Hours:
Full-time and flexible - so my availability is limited only by my availability (other client meetings / ceremonies) and other life-stuff. That said, I don't function well before 10am without LOTS of coffee!

I am a Marriage Celebrant.

Sounds pretty bland when you say it like that doesn’t it?  But you know what? I really love my job. Like really ;-)

Not the least because I get to meet fabulously happy people, at a fabulously happy time in their life.  But more importantly, because I get to help them… I get to help you!

I get to create and deliver a truly special wedding ceremony for YOU.

To make your first day as legally married peeps (whether that’s hubby & wife, hubby & hubby, wife & wife, partners in crime, life partners… you name it!) something you will remember with joy for the rest of your lives.

  • Your emotions – love, laughter, excitement;

  • Your history – as a couple, a family, a community;

  • Your passions – music, food, animals, coffee, wine (ok, you got me, they’re my passions!)

  • Your celebration – of all that you are and will be.

That is what I will draw upon, what will inspire me, and in the end what will be the start of your journey as a married pair.

So what are you waiting for - let’s create some magic – LET ME MARRY YOU!!

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